Using a simple and innovative technique it is possible to substantially improve the energy efficiency of many medium to large UPS installations.

The results: Substantial and sustainable energy savings and a much reduced cost of UPS ownership.


Due to losses in all the processes along the way, every 1kWh of electrical power consumed uses up to 3kWh of resource energy to generate that mere 1kWh.

So any energy we save as a user, saves up to three times that amount of energy in resource. That's certainly worth some serious thought.

A simple solution:

There is an innovative method that can reduce electricity costs substantially. Outlay is minimal, and no high-tech is involved, just a simple non-intrusive add-on to your existing UPS, all done during normal hours with zero risk to your load.

Let's look at YOUR consumption and do the sums. We won't know your potential saving until we do this.

My committment is: No saving, no charge. All I need is an opportunity to visit your site to discuss and assess the viability at your site.

Please feel free to call me any time to chat about it.

Many thanks for reading this information.