What can Power Lectrix Systems offer you?

ØAfter hours and weekend UPS and BATTERY work... at normal office hours rates

ØEmergency call out and breakdown attendance

ØPlanned UPS and battery maintenance: service and replacements

ØBattery impedance tests and performance analysis

ØPlanned Mains Fail Tests: UPS and battery pre-test verification and performance monitoring during generator testing (babysitting)


ØUPS shut downs and restarts for electrical works

ØLoad bank testing and UPS system verification

ØNew installs, battery builds and commissioning

ØPower capacity and autonomy upgrades

ØUPS and battery consultancy and advisory service


ØRoutine preventative maintenance contracts


To arrange a free, no obligation site survey plus a free UPS system basic health check, give me a call any time, or simply send an email to service@pls4ups.co.uk.

This free health check will serve another purpose...it will determine just how thoroughly your last UPS service was done, and whether it was good value or merely a paper exercise.


A UPS is only as dependable as its weakest component...batteries in particular.


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